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Title: Agrosharing as strategic vector of Education, Science and Business for sustainable development
Authors: Broshkov М., Bulysheva D.
Keywords: аgrosharing, education, science, business, sustainable development
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Broshkov М., Bulysheva D. Agrosharing as strategic vector of Education, Science and Business for sustainable development. Web of Conferences 255, 01015 (2021).
Abstract: The study substantiates necessity for joint development of scientific structures, educational system and business sector to ensure their sustainability. The aim of the article is to define preconditions, challenges and advantages for joint development of educational, scientific and business areas in agrosharing system as general consumption of material goods, natural resources and intellectual property in agricultural sector. Forms and problems of cooperation of this system’s main constituents are given. The study determines preconditions that make impossible segmental sustainable development of education, science and business. They lie in lack of material resources, possibilities for transferring technologies into business, employees’ motivation of science and educational area and business structures’ awareness of possibilities to leverage manufacturing processes. It is obvious that agrarian sector requires special attention toward well-coordinated work of the system, which includes expensive constantly updated material and technical base, narrow focus of each individual business, necessity for practical circular monitoring research and constantly updated IT platforms for planning and anticipating agrarian businesses. To solve this problem, we have suggested agrosharing as a model of joint consumption of goods, natural resources, material and technical base and intellectual property in interactive system of education, business and science in agrarian sector.
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