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Authors: Artemov V., Movchan T.
Keywords: land policy, reform, land legislation, monitoring, land ownership, regulatory mechanism
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Konya food and agriculture university, Turkey
Citation: Artemov V. Current problems of land market and land relations in Ukraine / V. Artemov, T. Movchan // IV International Eurasian Agriculture and Natural Sciences online Congress (October 30-31, 2020), Konya food and agriculture university (KGTU). Turkey, 2020. р. 375-382.
Abstract: The main problems of modern land relations are investigated in the article. The foreign experience of reforming the land market has been generalized, which has made it possible to identify proposals for improving the effective institutional framework of land legislation. The subject field of the state policy on the land market in Ukraine is formulated. Monitoring of land market based on information in the State Register of rights to immovable property and its results publication is proposed. It is determined the factors, on which public administration should be based in the field of land ownership. Problematic issues of land reform implementation are presented. The necessity of transfer of state-owned lands outside settlements to communal property of village, settlement, city councils is substantiated. It is proved that the economic mechanism of land relations regulation in Ukraine requires a thorough rethinking and renewal of efficient land policy economic regulations.
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